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Recordings of the Event

Interested in watching the recordings of the event? You can purchase them here to get the password to view the talks below.

1. Conference Opening Remarks - Dan Horner

2. Opening Prayer Morning Star Peyote Conservancy - Leonardo Mercado

3. Psychedelics in the 21st Century and How to Use Them - Zack Leary

4. The Neuroscience of Psychedelic Healing - Dr. David Rabin

5. Love, Sex and Psychedelics Panel - Kate Kincaid,
Jay & Cory Fiset, Kaitlin Roberson

6. Veterans Access To Psychedelics Panel - Nathan Kohlerman,
Derek Goeriz, Justin Lapree, Kimberly Juroviesky

7. Unlocking the Healing Potential of Psychedelic Mushrooms - Dosage to Integration - Shelby Hartman

8. San Pedro/Huachuma & Peyote. How Mescaline-Containing Plants Heal Your Emotional Body - Ivan Chocron

9. Visual Healing: Ideal Settings for Your Psychedelic Journey - Louie Schwartzberg

10. PTSD: The Other War Most Combat Veterans Fight - Bob Parsons
with Paul Austin

11. Uses and Efficacy of Lesser Known Therapeutic Substances - Hamilton Morris

12. Ketamine for Brain Health - Dr. Melanie Icard

13. DMT: The Latest Scientific Breakthroughs and Implications for Consciousness of DMT - Dr. Jon Dean

14. A Short Word from Jamie at Decriminalize AZ

15. Legal Psychoactives You Can Use Today Panel

16. Ibogaine: The Powerful African Psychedelic - Rabbi David Dardashti

17. Government Policy & Reform of Psychedelics - Sam Chapman
& Melissa Lavasani

18. Reversing Racial Trauma Through Collective Healing - Deran Young

19. The Past, Present and Future of Psychedelic Medicine, MDMA - Rick Doblin
& Dr. Brandi Luedtke

20. Let's End the War on Drugs Panel - Rick Doblin, Deran Young, Justin LaPree, Melissa Lavasani, Damian Bellumio

21. Adding Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy to Your Practice - Dr. Jen Montjoy

22. Psychedelics for Chronic Pain Relief - Dr. David Roberson

23. Extraordinary Achievements Through Psychedelics - Troy Casey
& Michael Roviello

24. Ceremonial Healing Meets Medical Science - Dr. Joe Tafur

25. Holistic Integration of The Psychedelic Experience - Troy Casey

26. Boost Your Microdose - Robert Johnson, Awais Spall,
Ian McCall, Megan Michelin

27. Microdosing and the Fadiman Protocol by the "Father of Microdosing" - James Fadiaman PhD

27. Out of this World Mystical Experiences with Psychedelics - Nadeem Al Hasan &
Dr. James MD/Cardiologist

28. The Wonderful World of Microdosing: The Basics of Mushrooms, LSD, Aya, Iboga Mescaline & Cannabis - Adam Bramlage

29. 5-MEO-DMT: Unity Consciousness and Egoic Liberation with the World's Most Potent Psychedelic - Stephan Kirby

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