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Friday April 28th 


8a - 8:45a Doors open. Free coffee upstairs lobby. Vendors open and giving away free stuff!


8 - 8:45 Restaurant representatives take lunch orders from attendees to be delivered at lunch time.


8:45 - 9:00 Opening discussion.


9:00 - 10:05 Topic: Psychedelics in the 21st Century and How To Use Them

  • Zach Leary, Host of the MAPS Podcast, Author


10:05 - 10:50 The Neuroscience of Psychedelic Healing

  • Dr. Dave Rabin, MD, PhD, Founder The Board of Medicine, Apollo Neuroscience


10:50 - 11:05 Break


11:05 - 11:55  Love, Sex and Psychedelics Panel: Discover How Psychedelics are Enhancing Sexual Experience, Healing Sexual Trauma & being used to Strengthen Relationships and Communication

  • Jay and Cory Fiset, founders The Connection Experience Psychedelic Retreats

  • Kaitlin Roberson, CEO of Cacti Therapeutics

  • Kate Kincaid, counselor co-creator of Southwest Love Fest

  • Dr. Lia Jiannine, PhD, Host of Sex Talk on PBS Florida


11:55 - 12:45 Unlocking the Healing Potential of Psychedelic Mushrooms from Dosage to Integration

  • Shelby Hartman, CEO and Chief Editor of Doubleblind Magazine, Psychedelics Reporter 


12:45 - 2:05 Lunch break


2:05 - 2:55 San Pedro/Huachuma and Peyote. How Mescaline-containing Plants Heal Your Emotional Body Through the Opening of the Heart

  • Ivan Chocron Peyote, Huachuma Mescaline Expert


2:55 - 3:45 Unity Consciousness and Egoic Liberation with the World's Most Potent Psychedelic: 5-MEO-DMT

  • Stephan Kerby, 5-MEO-DMT Expert


4:05 - 4:50 Veterans Access To Psychedelics

  • Nathan Kohlerman, US Army Veteran, Psychedelic Integration Coach, Breathwork Practitioner, and Founder of NeuIntention 

  • Derek Goeriz, Veteran’s Need Access to Psychedelics PanelArmy Special Forces Veteran and Intelligence Operator

  • Justin Lapree, Founder Heroic Path to Light Church, USMC Veteran, Former Firefighter, Entheogenic Facillitator

  • Kimberly Juroviesky, President Ketamine Taskforce, CAPT, USAF, Retired


4:50 - 5:45 Visual Healing: The Ideal Settings for Your Psychedelic Journey. PLUS: Psychedelics & Creativity

  • Louie Schwartzberg, Award Winning Director of Fantastic Fungi


5:45 - 6:30 Bob Parsons: PTSD. The Other War Most Combat Veterans Fight. Psychedelics and Finally Coming Home

  • Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of YAM Worldwide & PXG, Co-Founder of The Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation

  • Paul Austin, Host of the Psychedelic Podcast, Founder Third Wave


7:00 - For VIP ticket holders we will be meeting at the Atrium Bar/Cafe at The Sheraton Hotel around the corner from the theater at 340 N. 3rd St.

Saturday April 29th


8a - 8:45a Doors open. Free coffee upstairs lobby. Vendors open and giving away free stuff!


8 - 8:45 Restaurant representatives take lunch orders from attendees to be delivered at lunch time. 


8:45 - 9:55 Uses and Efficacy of Lesser Known Therapeutic Substances

  • Hamilton Morris, Host of Vice's Hamilton's Pharmacopia


9:55 - 10:45 Ketamine for Brain Health: A Safe, Gentle & Effective, Mental-Emotional Reset & Pain Reduction Tool

  • Dr. Melanie Icard, Ketamine Therapist, Founder Butterfly Holistic Center/Phoenix Anti-Aging Center


10:45 - 11:00  Break 


11:00 - 11:45 Legal Psychoactives You Can Use Now: Ketamine, Hape, Kratom, Kanna, Kava, etc…

  • Tracy Meraki

  • Dr. Melanie Icard


11:45 - 12:30 Reversing Racial Trauma Through Collective Healing

  • Deran Young, Founder, Black Therapists Rock, NYT Bestselling Author


12:30 - 1:50 Lunch


1:50 - 2:35 Government, Policy and Reform: The Future of Psychedelic Advocacy and Access

  • Sam Chapman, Campaign Manager for Oregon's Legalization of Psilocybin Therapy

  • Melissa Lavasani, Founder of Decriminalize Nature DC


2:35 - 3:30 Comedy + Science + Psychedelics = A Better Trip w/ Shane Mauss

  • Shane Mauss, Psychedelic Comedian


3:30 - 3:50 Break


3:50 - 4:45 Panel: Let’s End the War on Drugs

  • Zach Leary

  • Deran Young

  • Juan Pablo Capello

  • Rick Doblin

  • Melissa Lavasani

  • Justin Lapree


4:45 - 5:30 Ibogaine: David Dardashti + The Powerful African Psychedelic


5:30 - 6:30 The Past, Present & Future of Psychedelic Medicine. MDMA - MAPS Couples Therapy Study at Phoenix VA

  • Rick Doblin, Founder MAPS

  • Dr. Brandi Luedtke, Clinical Psychologist Veteran’s Administration Phoenix VA

8:00 The Grand nightclub/restaurant for a loose social gathering. 718 N Central Ave. 

Sunday April 30th


8a - 8:45a  Doors open. Free coffee in the upstairs lobby. Vendors open and giving away free stuff!


8:45 - 9:40 Psychedelics For Chronic Pain Relief: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Headaches, IBS, Back or Pelvic Pain, and Many Other Forms of Pain

  • Dr. David Roberson, CEO, Neurobiologist, Drug Engineer, MBA


9:40 - 10:25 DMT: The Latest Scientific Breakthroughs and Implications for Consciousness of N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

  • Dr. Jon Dean, PhD, Neuroscientist, UCSD, Featured in hit Documentary "DMT Quest"


10:25 - 10:45 Break 20 minutes


10:45 - 11:15 Adding Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy to Your Practice

  • Jen Montjoy, PhD, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Founder of TRIPP (Transpersonal Research Institute of Psychotherapeutic Psychedelics) & Resilience BHS

NOTE: Aubrey Marcus is not able to make the conference. He has a meeting with the president of Egypt.


11:15 - 12:05 Holistic Integration of The Psychedelic Experience

  • Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut, Human Optimizer

12:05 - 12:50 Unity Consciousness and Egoic Liberation with the World's Most Potent Psychedelic: 5-MEO-DMT

  • Stephan Kirby, 5-MEO-DMT Expert

12:50 - 2:00 Lunch

2:00 - 2:40 Panel: Out of this World Mystical Experiences with Psychedelics

  • Nadeem Al Hasan, Psychoactive Breathwork Facilitator, Psychonaut, Cannabis Industry Pioneer

  • James Kneller MD, Cardiologist, Author of Forthcoming "Livestream to God"


2:40 - 3:15 Extraordinary Achievements Through Psychedelics 

  • Michael Roviello

  • Troy Casey


3:15 - 4:05 Ceremonial Healing Meets Medical Science

  • Joe Tafur MD, Medical Researcher


4:05 - 4:30 Break 25 minutes


4:30 - 5:15 The Wonderful World of Microdosing: The Basics of Mushrooms, LSD, Aya, Iboga Mescaline & Cannabis

  • Adam Bramlage, Founder/CEO of Flow State Micro


5:15 - 5:55 Boost Your Microdose

  • Robert Johnson, Functional Mushroom Expert

  • Awais Spall, Founder of Regenerative Brain Protocol

  • Ian McCall, Former MMA World Champion


5:55 - 6:40 Microdosing and the Fadiman Protocol

  • James Fadiman PhD, "Father of Microdosing", Researcher

7:00 Conference Afterparty at Walter Studios. Food, drinks and a live DJ. 747 W Roosevelt St.

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